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Why You Need to go on Holidays!

We All Need A Holiday!!

When you’re running a business, holidays are often the last thing on your mind. ‘Who’ll run my business while I’m gone?’ you ask yourself. ‘What if I miss a big work opportunity while I’m gone? And with all the work I’ll have to do before and after, is it really worth it?’

The answer is, yes, it is worth it. When you’re working hard on your business, we often don’t realise how stressed and tired we are. Our bodies need a break and so do our minds. Going away gives you a chance to relax and because you’re somewhere new, your mind is stimulated. That’s why you come back to the office recharged.

Business owners often worry that their customers won’t get the same level of service while they’re gone, or that the staff won’t run the business to the same standard. You need to let those concerns go. If your staff have been working with you for a long time and you trust them, you can trust them. And as long as they’re looking after your customers, your customers will be happy.

Preparation is the key to a stress-free holiday.

Choose your dates carefully. Pick a time when your business is naturally quiet. Let your clients know when you’re going before hand, rather than relying on an Out of Office Reply. Don’t create a mound of work for yourself before you go. Spread out tasks so you’re not too burnt out to enjoy your holiday. And if the work is too much for you, consider outsourcing it to a service provider with the right mix of skills for you.

Most important of all, pick a trusted person to help you prepare for your holiday and look after the business while you’re gone. This could be a staff member, a family member or an outsourced partner. Brief them on what you need them to do and above all, trust that they will do it for you.

With these steps in place, you can go on holidays knowing that your business will run smoothly. And you’ll come back ready to pounce on any opportunities that arise. Enjoy your holidays! Talk to us today about booking your business holiday cover with us, email: