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For months, a friend of mine would toss out that hypothetical question in the course of conversation. It was often uttered in an emotionally charged verbal volley of all the ‘To Do’ list items that perpetually plagued this person.  Whenever she’d finish, I’d give a knowing nod; after all, everybody’s busy!!

After the umpteenth hypothetical howling on the topic of “how to get organized,” I finally decided to offer more than a knowing nod.  It’d become clear to me that this successful individual was not succeeding at conquering the issue.  I lightly offered a real answer to her hypothetical question.

“Hire a virtual assistant.”

This friend didn’t take my response seriously at first.  Like so many people, she had some preconceived notions and misperceptions about the whole hiring prospect.  “I can’t afford that.”  “Well, I’m busy, but not that busy.”  “I should be able to overcome this on my own when things slow down.”  “I’d feel awkward having an assistant.” “I don’t have time to try to find the right person, let alone train them.”

Of course, being an authority on The Virtual Office market, and, as she rapidly fired those “but,I can’t,” or “I don’t” theories, I responded with immediate answers to explain how she could and should afford to hire the reliable help of a virtual assistant.  I explained that virtual assistance services are surprisingly affordable and that companies like The Virtual Office do the heavy lifting in terms of hiring-equipping-training.  I also told her that having assistance would not only help her with immediate organizational needs, it would open up the chance for forward-thinking, proactive possibilities.

“Once you get out from under the work pile,

you can start to think ahead.”

I’d love to report that this friend was immediately motivated to call The Virtual Office and get the assistance she clearly needs and has since conquered her issue of getting organized.  However, in the time since our conversation, she’s actually stated that she’d love to check into getting an assistant if she could just find the time to visit  The fact is she’ll have to take the first step on her own.  She’ll have to decide that it’s not okay to be so busy that she feels buried.  The ball is in her court, and now she knows she has options.

What about you?  Do you find yourself repeating the same questions over the same frustrations?  Would you like help but feel it’s too costly or not for you?  Put down your To Do list and visit right now.  Take the five minutes you were about to lose fussing over what needs to be done that you don’t have time to do, and learn about your options for getting real, professional, change-your-work-a-day world solutions.  Real people like you are tapping into virtual staffing solutions every day.

Get out from under that pile of ‘to do’s’, so you can look ahead.